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Background and objectives

Marine Biodiversity Research Group (MBRG/RU), is one of the academic institute in Ramkhamhaeng University, was established in 1995 to carry out a project on coastal ecosystems in the Gulf of Thailand supported by the Thailand Research Fund (TRF). At the present MBRG-RU works on various aspects of marine biology particularly coral reef conservation. Our institute also coordinates with various national and international academic institutes to build research collaboration on coastal and marine conservation and management.

MBRG/RU aims to generate scientific knowledge in marine biology and ecology which focus on coral reef biology and to provide academic services and information relating to aspects of marine biodiversity and management as well as environmental conservation for marine and coastal resources. Related research topics are as the followings:

  • Ecology of coral reefs in The Gulf of Thailand

  • Reproduction and recruitment of juvenile corals

  • Rehabilitation and management of coral reefs

  • Bio-erosion of coral reefs

  • Population genetics of coral reefs

  • Reproductive biology and ecology of soft corals, sponges and zooanthids

  • Population ecology of sea urchin

  • Coral bleaching and climate change impacts on marine ecosystems

  • Heavy metal accumulation in coral reefs and sandy beach ecosystem

  • Ecology of sandy beach

  • Coastal sensitivity and vulnerability mapping of coastal areas in Thailand

  • Integrated coastal zone management

  • Ecosystem services of coral reefs

MBRG/RU has various research facilities provided by Ramkhamhaeng University that are designed to support scientists and researchers in conducting their research programs such as central laboratory, library, online research database etc. Besides the central laboratory, MBRG/RU also has our scientific instrumentation and diving equipments to support research in marine biology and ecology as well as monitoring the coastal and marine environmental change. Importantly, we also have GIS experts who are working in our GIS and Remote Sensing Laboratory and play an important role to fulfill our research excellence.

Along with conducting research to generate new finding of scientific knowledge, MBRG-RU have also been experienced with implementing projects funded by government and private agencies in both national and international level. MBRG/RU is the focal point for Mu Koh Chang coral reef demonstration site under UNEP/GEF Project on Reversing Environmental Degradation Trends in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand. Some of other projects implemented by MBRG/RUare shown below:

  • Natural resource damage assessment with special reference to oil spills

  • Initial environmental examination of underwater cable installation

  • Establishing snorkeling trails in Krabi and Phuket Provinces, Andaman Sea

  • Installation of special designed artificial reefs for recreational diving in Krabi and Phuket Provinces, Andaman Sea

  • Development of appropriate techniques and methodologies in coral reef rehabilitation for sustainable tourism in Krabi Trang and Satun Province

  • Role of ecological change of coral reefs and seagrass communities on potential uses for fisheries and ecotourism at Koh Kood, Trad Province
    Coastal Sensitive Mapping Project in Thailand

  • Vulnerability mapping of coastal areas in Thailand

  • Environmental Sensitivity Index mapping of the Gulf of Thailand


MBRG/RU consists of active human resouces conducting researches and projects including researchers, PhD and Master students, reserch assistance and technicians, who are knowledgable in different resarch aspects covering both natural and social science. Furthurmore, MBRG/RU had hosted research fellows from collaborating academic institutions to join research activities in Thailand. List below is the current MBRG members and previous visiting research fellows.

  1. Dr. Thamasak Yeemin (Head of MBRG/RU)

  2. Dr. Makamas Sutthacheep (Lecturer/Researcher)

  3. Dr. Mathinee Yoocharoen (Researcher)

  4. Mr. Wichin Suebpala (PhD student)

  5. Mr. Sittiporn Pengsakun (PhD student)

  6. Ms. Kanwara Saengmanee (PhD student)

  7. Ms. Wasana Phantewee (PhD student)

  8. Ms. Wanlaya Klinthong (PhD Student)

  9. Mr. Watchara Samsuwan (PhD Student)

  10. Ms. Monthaphat Thammasan (PhD Student)

  11. Mr. Watcharachai Donsomjit (PhD Student)

  12. Ms. Juthamart Putthayakool (MSc Student)

  13. Mr. Charernmee Chamchoy (MSc Student)

  14. Ms. Rattanawadee Niamsiri (Research assistance)

  15. Mr. Bancha Lawang (GIS technician/Computer design)

Visiting Research Fellows

  1. Mr. Kristan Hart, Memorial University of Newfoundland (September 2013- February 2014)

  2. Ms. Victoria Rogers, Memorial University of Newfoundland (May -September 2014)

       3. Mr. Felipe Mattos, Universidade Federal de Pemambuco, Brazil (September 2017- Present)

Contact Information:

Dr.  Thamasak Yeemin, Head of Marine Biodiversity Research Group

Marine Biodiversity Research Group
Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Ramkhamhaeng University
Ramkhamhaeng Rd., Huamark, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240 THAILAND
Tel./Fax: (66) 2310 8415    

Website: http://www.thaicoralreef.in.th
Email: thamasakyeemin@yahoo.com, thamasakyeemin@hotmail.com